Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Marathon Training - Week 5 - Man Flu!

I was unable to go out Saturday 21st as I was struck down with the dreaded man flu!

Missed my 10 miler but hope to be back on track for next week.  Stuck on the couch all day Sunday.  I drank loads of fluids to keep hydrated. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Marathon Training Week 5 - Thursday 19th Janaury

I was due a 3 mile run today, however I decided that I needed a good all body exercise.  I went for a PT with my boxing coach Andreas Evangelou.  Great HIIT session, starting off with a fast run for 10 minutes  on a treadmill with a gradual increase in pace until the last 30 seconds which was a sprint. This was followed by some pad work for 4 x 3 minute rounds with a 1 minute break in between rounds.  We then did some cardio, lunges with weights, burpees ( I hate these with a passion!)  Mountain climbers and more.  We finished with some core strengthening exercises. I'm aching today but I thoroughly enjoyed the work out. 

The good thing about the Hal Higdon training is that you can miss the occasional week runs but you must complete the long run on the Saturday.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Marathon Training Week 5 - Wednesday 18th January

Tuesday 17th January - Wrapped up nice and warm for the run tonight.  5 miles.  Felt good for the first 3 miles and struggled with the last 2.  I think I need a new route to freshen things up.  It was bitterly cold tonight.  Flashing reflective arm band and iPhone case help me be seen at night.  Also bright orange trainers do the trick! 

More running information from Polar Flow

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Marathon Training Week 5 - Tuesday 17th January

Tuesday 17th January - Knee is feeling good.  Nice simple run.  But freezing!  Had the snood covering my nose to keep warm.  I hate the cold! 

I've added some information that I've gathered from my Polar M400 watch for my run.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Marathon Training - Children with Cancer UK - Weeks 1 - 4

5K Park Run Clissold Park 2016
Welcome to my new Marathon training Blog.  I will be writing about my experiences on my attempts to run the London Marathon 2017 in order to raise money for the  charity Children with Cancer UK.  The link to donate can be found in my profile.  Cancer is the single biggest killer of children in the UK so please donate.  Link below

As I'm new to blogs, I'll be keeping it short and sweet with a weekly update, I started this blog late so this update will include weeks 1 - 4!

The training schedule I have chosen is by Hal Higdon a veteran Marathon runner with over 100 Marathons to his name! The schedule consists of 3 runs during the week and a long run on Saturdays. There a numerous plans to pick from but I've chosen the Novice 1 since this is my first Marathon attempt.  You can find more information here on my schedule.

Hal Higdon Novice Training Plan

Weeks 1 - 4 (December 20th 2016 - January 14th 2017)

Week 1 - I've never run at this level before, so I'm nervous for the first week that I'll be able to cope with the intensity of running 4 times a week.  So far so good, no surprises!  A long run beckons on the Saturday, 6 miles.  I completed the 6 mile run, no injuries, aching limbs of course, but I'm happy and glad to get the first week completed, I'm feeling confident.

Week 2 - 3 miles again for the midweek runs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). 7 miles for this Saturdays long run.  Longest distance I've ever run.  It went well, but I kept my pace down and concentrated on finishing the distance.  No problems with this run.  Feels good to get it out of the way.

Week 3 - Easier week, 5 miles for Saturday.  I generally run in the evenings 7pm onwards after I've gotten the mini-cabbing duties out of the way for the kids.  Cold evenings though, so I've made sure to buy a hat, snood and gloves.  They've done the trick, feel warm without over doing it.  Had to be careful of the icy pavements as I had a few moments where I almost lost my footing.  A decent pair of trainers is a must.  I recommend a specialist running shop who will put you on a treadmill and analyse your running style in slow motion.  They will be advise you on the correct footwear.  Think I over did it on the Saturday run, went too fast.  The tendons on the inner knee are very sore.  A good ice pack and some Voltarol to try and heal the damage.  Over confidence.  Note to self, keep the speed down!

Week 4 - The tendons are still sore from the Saturday, but I've run to see how I'll get on.  I manage to finish the session but, I needed to walk twice.  Not very pleased.  A moment of over confidence on Saturday and now I'm in pain.  I skipped the Wednesday and Thursday runs in order to give the tendons the best chance of healing.  Three straight days of rest including ice packs in the evenings on the knee 15-20 minutes three times in the evenings.  I'm determined to get fit for the 9 miles on Saturday.  Knee feels good, no pain.  I set of for the Saturday run and keep my pace really slow.  Its 3 laps of my usual route so I have an idea of how I'm doing as I run.  Knee feels fine all round and I complete it with no dramas.  I need to look after the knee thought.  Ice pack on it for the weekend where possible.